A scientist tries to convince the City of Rust inhabitants to stop the reckless use of the mountain’s resources.

A City of Rust is our first film and our love letter to the beauty and simplicity of animation.

You can watch it here.

A boat floating at sea. An old man and his niece. An ancient tradition. Accompanied by the gentle tunes of an Arabian Oud.

Suleiman’s Olive tree  is a  short animation written and directed Omar El Araby, designed and animated by Francesco Granati and Vera Bianda. The film is currently in production.

On the mountain, nearby and old tree, a caterpillar embraces his destiny, a donkey finds his place in the herd, and a squirrel’s kindness is rewarded.

Still under development, A 3 of life is written and directed by Omar El Araby and produced by Valk Producties.

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