A City of Rust is a short stop motion animation. The film is our love letter to the beauty and simplicity of animation (and cinema). During production we followed one principle: think of an image and use what’s around you to create it.

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You can now watch the film online here!

The day Roland met Renee is a documentary by Omar El Araby and Paolo Rosi. The film narrates the life of Roland and Renee through the voices of their families. It explores their affinities and portrays two Dutch families involved in the common struggle against drug addiction.

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Watch the official trailer here!


What happens in the water is a  short animation by written and directed Omar El Araby, designed and animated by Francesco Granati and Vera Bianda. The film is currently in production.

A 3 of life is a short animationOn the mountain, nearby and old tree, a caterpillar embraces his destiny, a donkey finds his place in the herd, and a squirrel’s kindness is rewarded. Still under development, A 3 of life is written and directed by Omar El Araby and produced by Valk Producties.

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